Infonyx Solutions

Ready to use dashboards deploying business capability in few days with ability to customise as business need arises

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Dashboard solution comprises of complete consolidation of Search Engine Marketing enabling to develop strategies to increase visibility and engage users and Social Media Optimisation Strategy for Promoting Awareness by encouraging the sharing of Content that Attracts People to Particular Website

Analytics for Dairy and Farming

Monitoring Dashboard For Dairy Breeding Operations:

Dairy Operations aims at Enhancing the Productivity to meet the demand of doses, Monitoring Stock at Warehouses and Productivity of Bulls by Breed and Location

Analytics for Heathcare Providers

Health Care:

Operational report keeping the track of the patient landing to emergency department of the hospital, reducing waiting time, patient transferred to inpatient and reducing the list of patients waiting for surgery in elective surgery

Credit Decision

Credit Decision:

Credit Decision dashboard provides insights on the Outstanding Credit Risk of an organisation segmented by Partner  and Products. Analysis of Subjects Include Credit Exposure, Loss at Default, Probability of default, Cash Flow and Liquidity

E-Commerce Returns Management

E-Commerce (Returns Management):

Analyse Sales vs the Returns for any online retail Business. Solution is mainly focused on ideas of Managing the Returns.

Human Resources

Human Resource:

Tracking and Analysing HR Results, enabling HR professionals in making decision towards organisation’s performance covering Workforce Planning, Staffing Trend, Gender Analysis, Employee Profile and Employee Engagement Report

Sales performance and analysis


Sales Analysis presenting Sales Leader’s Board, Sales Performance, Receivables Summary, Customer and Product Analysis

Plug and Play Accounting Compliance


Pre-Packaged - plug and play solution for XERO with dashboards preconfigured to manage all your accounting metrics and compliance requirements