SMARTER Services – Infonyx Service Models

The Flexibility of our Packaged Service allows us to Design and Customise a Service to Your Needs.

Smart Data Platform – Complete Turnkey Package

Monthly Subscription based service with the flexibility to scale and add incremental capabilities as the business need justifies. Optimized, modular and automated – ‘Ready to Use’ platform to enable all your data consumption needs. Flexibility to blend with consulting and implementation services.

Smart Innovation – Advisory Consulting

Consulting Services to help focus on most critical needs and opportunities Data and Analytics Strategy, Data and Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and more. We bring deep, functional expertise, and are known on simplifying and demystifying complex problems with cost effective but high value solutions.

Smart Delivery – Implementation

Implementation Services with a simple framework designed by Infonyx to deliver data capabilities to the business faster. Lean and nimble implementation methodology with collaboration of right people, tools, data and organisational focus tailored and designed by Infonyx to deliver analytics to meet smallest to enterprise needs.

Data Sets
Business users can view, interact and explore all available data sets with purpose and with the ability to take action
Predictive Insights
Data Insights. Alerts, Notifications, Dashboards, Predictive Insights across all digital channels and structured data, unstructured data, web data and more
Desktop Tablet Smartphone
Smart Data Applications with the ability to view and interact through multiple channels – Mobiles, Tablets, Wearables and Desktops
Notifications and Insights
Data Science - Actionable Insights. Notifications with Key Insights, messages. Smart Data Notifications.
Glossary of Definitions
Full KPI definitions – Calculations and Data Mappings provided in a complete business glossary