Case Study:

Victorian Government Department

About the Company

One of the largest departments in Victorian government, this department is responsible for tracking and maintaining various resources in our environment. They focus on improving Victoria's liveability and creating a connection between the people and their communities. This institute works on managing local governments and environment related emergencies to maximise relations between the citizens, infrastructures and economy.

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Client Position

The Department was looking for a way to ensure their data used for internal and public reporting was readily accessible and locally focused. They needed to create and utilise both a local and online interactive tool that would allow users to drill down into the data to provide accurate and reliable information most relevant to their area of interest and geographical location. These reports would include many maps, figures, tables, graphs and charts as well as the ability explain and contextualise the importance of these reports. The department also needed the tool and data accessibility to be completely scalable and easy to understand.


  • Tableau
  • Smart Data Platform
  • Smart Engagement
  • Smart Enablement
  • Smart Services


  • The team at Infonyx provided a holistic approach to this solution, providing the data connectivity requirements each department needed as flexible solutions while a data strategy was formed around the reporting tool Tableau at its core.

  • To support the rollout of the Tableau interactive reporting tool software, Infonyx’s approach to ensure enterprise-wide adoption included a slew of managed service assistance across a number of different micro-projects including dashboard templates and data connectivity automation.

  • Infonyx also offers on-going training and user enablement courses with varying levels of difficulty to ensure everyone has the right training they need depending on their reporting requirements.

As an added level of support for this major department, Infonyx has also embedded our Engagement Portal, allowing users an easy and convenient way to lodge new requests for service, raise incident tickets and engage with the right people for their requirements.