Understanding Data

Infonyx helps organisations in understanding Data at all levels, building high data repositories and delivering solutions to visualise Data – either structured or unstructured.

In 2016 Infonyx was named by the CIO Review as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers 2016 Globally’. This occurred within the company’s first 12 months of operation.

Cloud Platform

Apart from visualising Data the company also has a portfolio of packaged offerings and cloud analytic platforms providing ready to use, end to end data and analytics solutions assisting companies in achieving real business growth.

Infonyx delivers living data that is current (not static) with systems that adapt to changes as they are occurring. It is visual, responsive and productive on a broad range of criteria.

Confirmed Skill Set

Currently Infonyx operates in Australia, India and Europe. As a company and a supplier, Infonyx offers a well defined and confirmed Corporate Skill Set.

Infonyx provide experience and competence in Business Information Management and Advanced Analytics. Infonyx utilise and is compatible with QlikView, Tableau, Informatica, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Xamarin, Cloudera, WordPress, R and Magento.

Conceptual approach to delivery of analytics
Straategy and Architecture
Strategy and Architecture
Data Management
Data Management
Data Visualisation
Data Visualisation
Data Warehousing
Data warehousing and Big Data
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Cloud Analytics
Cloud and Cloud Automation for analytics
Business and Technology Training
Business and Technology Training

Our Methodology

Simplified Analytics
Infonyx is not a typical analytics company with teams focussing on building dashboards, rather we have a unique framework which simplifies and demystifies analytics.
Strategy Implementation and Support
We help with end to end delivery of analytical needs from strategy to implementation and support.
Tailored Solutions
Our ready tailored solutions help expedite the journey to meaningful insights to have positive impact to your business and your customers
Unique Delivery Models
Infonyx invests in innovation in new delivery models, optimising delivery processes to delivering value out of data by applying unique methods.

We are backed by deep technology skills and leverage automation to expedite the delivery of analytics. With focus on business outcome and challenges with user adoption our delivery framework caters not just to your technology needs but also your business needs to make data relevant at all levels of your organisation.