Custom Solutions

“Delivering robust data analytics and custom solutions across multiple industries, Infonyx helps organisations extract value out of big data investments and realise a well integrated business and IT data analytics landscape.”

“Top 100 most promising Big Data solutions providers 2016 globally” CIO Review

Future Visioned

Founder and Managing Director here in Australia Yogesh Nerurkar and his team specialise in business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Data and information management and the emerging areas of Big Data and Visual Analytics.

Infonyx’s branded ‘Smart Data Platform’ product and services are cutting edge and future visioned.

Dynamic Service

Infonyx provides a complete and dynamic service. Projects range from an initial Business Information Management (IM) strategy based on roadmaps and 'as is' assessments, through to Advanced Analytics.

In choosing Infonyx, clients have the choice of utilising a Consulting based model or an 'as a service' - monthly subscription model.

The Infonyx team have a breadth of experience on a wide range of projects. These include:

Business, Information Management(IM) Strategy, roadmaps and as-is assessments
Organisational Capablity
Organisational Capability Development
IM Architecture
IM Architecture
Data Visualisation
Datawarehouse, Big Data and Data Visualisation
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics – Sensor Data and Machine Data Analysis (Big Data)

In utilising Infonyx to implement, develop and maintain the Data flow, Data storage and Data utilisation, organisations draw a range of benefits. The advantages include:

Business Outcomes
Business Driven approach with focus on outcomes and technology blurred in the background
Proven Methodology
Proven Methodology supported by assets and accelerators
Time to market
Automation to expedite time to market i.e. faster business outcomes
High Value Methodical Approach
Unique delivery model and simple yet high value methodical approach

Resultant Change

The current digital platform is in a constant and rapid state of change. Engaging Infonyx fosters a controlled and intelligent management of all Data, Infrastructure and Information. This is managed and determined by Infonyx in complete collaboration with the client and this results in:

increased User Adoption
User Collaboration on a common data repository with increased user adoption
Real Time or Batched Data
A data driven organisation with access to data real-time or batch

Simplified and Consistent Management and operational reporting
Business Optimisation
Optimisation of your business and operational processes
Leverage Data
Leverage data for business strategy definition
Increase Profit
Increased profitability, increase revenue, reduced risk
Innovation and Ideas Generation
Fuel innovation and ideas generation
Internal External Business Processes
Process Intelligence to understand and optimise to simplify your business processes both internal and external

With Infonyx Simplify and Demystify as we bring to you our domain and technology expertise, helping you orchestrate a successful journey and transition to a Data driven organisation.